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Matt and Kristen Littrell - MKHorsemanship - Valhalla Ranch

MKHorsemanship - Valhalla Ranch is  a lifestyle, a passion, a mission. We're not just passionate about horses and riding, we're passionate about helping horses and people. Wether you are a child discovering your love of horses, an adult getting back into it, or a Veteran looking to get away, we have a place for you. Matt Littrell, Marine Veteran and Farrier and wife Kristen Littrell, Equine Bodyworker and Horse Trainer and Photographer share their love and passion through MKHorsemanship and Valhalla Ranch.

Come visit us at Valhalla Ranch. Contact us today to share in our passion. 

MKHorsemanship offers confidence building and better communication to the beginner throughout the levels in the journey of horsemanship through Evaluations and Training, Lessons and Clinics. 

Farrier Services - 303.483.3898

Equine Bodywork/Training - 720.520.5902


There is plenty of pasture, space for riding and roaming, enjoying beautiful Colorado,  and comfortable boarding stalls with runs, paddocks, and pasture.  Whether you need to bring your horse here for a few days or a good while longer, you'll be happy to know you and your horse will get plenty of attention and exceptional care. 

Valhalla Ranch 501(c)(3)

We are always here for our Veterans. If you are/or know a Veteran who could benefit from time in our horsemanship program/Veterans Camp, please reach out to us.