Valhalla Ranch VX, where Horses and men are made.  Valhalla Ranch is a way of life, a passion, a mission. We raise and train top quality, foundation bred Cobs ( also known as Gypsy, Gypsy Cobs, Irish Cobs, Tinkers, Gypsy Vanners). As a family we love the breed, and we love to share what they can do, how truly versatile they are with you!

We’re not just passionate about horses and riding, we’re passionate about helping horses and people. Along with breeding and raising top quality Cobs suitable for the entire family, that excel both in ranch work and the show world; we offer training and lesson packages as well out here on the ranch. Whether you are a child discovering your love of horses, an adult getting back into it, or a Veteran looking to get away, we have a place for you. Matt Littrell, Marine Veteran and Farrier and wife Kristen Littrell, Equine Bodyworker/ Horse Trainer and Photographer share their love and passion through Horsemanship and Valhalla Ranch.

Horsemanship is a lifelong journey, not a destination


Valhalla Ranch VX  Where horses and men are made



Whether you are looking for flash or classs, we have a beautiful band of mares from traditional cobs to duns and silver buckskins. They are proper built and selected for demeanor, brain and trainability. All of our girls are trained to ride and most ride and drive prior to being chosen to become a broodmare. We raise high quality Cobs. If you are interested in a future family member, contact us to get the conversation started about what may be the best fit for you! We also may have older more trained gypsy cobs and crosses available. Just Ask!



Valhalla Ranch offers confidence building and better communication to the beginner throughout the levels in the journey of horsemanship through Evaluations and Training, Lessons and Clinics.

Veterans: Valhalla Ranch 501(c)(3) was founded by Matt Littrell, Marine Veteran and his wife Kristen Littrell.

Meet the horse where he is, not where you think he should be.