The Ladies

Ella X Blue Knight

DUE 2025


riverpointe Ella Enchanted

Ee, aa, D/nd2, CRcr, Sw1/n, W20/n

“Ella” is a cornerstone of our program. She is a proper cob, heavy built at 13.2,  with a sweet head and a fabulous producer. She is generous with hair and bone and full of beautiful color possibilities. She is first and foremost proper in every way and we are proud to have her at Valhalla. 

SD Sapphire X Kohls Blue Knight of Valhalla

DUE  2025

IMG_2926 2

SD Alfy’s Sapphire

Blue Blagdon

This mare is truly special to us, as she was the first mare that we personally imported from SD Farms in the UK. We love the SD bred horses, and the old lines, and she is everything we could have hoped in breeding and heavy proper that we could add to our program. From SD Alfy’s Heavy Chestnut Mare, and the breeding of the Down family, we are proud as we could be to have this girl here at Valhalla. 

Sasha x Hershey’s Sandstone of Valhalla

DUE September 2024


EmR Sasha

Ee, TT

“Sasha” is a beautiful mare standing 15.1, adding size and quality to our program. She is a daughter of Babydoll and The Lion King. She was an ICSI baby, and is a special mare in all ways. She is a ride and drive mare, loves to help out on the ranch, and is mild mannered enough to help in the lesson program as well. 

Candy x Hershey’s Sandstone of Valhalla

DUE September 2024


Deerinwater Incandesance

E/e, A/a, Zn

“Candy” Is a as wide as she is all, standing 15.1 and a thick and proper mare. She is trained to ride and drive and has helped start colts. She has proven that her brain is just as great as all the wonderful attributes she brings to the table at Valhalla. 

Lillie X Hershey’s Sandstone of Valhalla 

DUE 2025


 Whiskey Lilly


“Lilie” is a big girl standing 15.2. She is a grand daughter of Pompeii going back to Roadsweeper, by Clononeen Dunbrody’s Dark Lady going back to the Conners Mare and Conners Stallion. She has floaty, athletic movement, and we look forward to getting her in to the show arena this year. 


Up and Coming Ladies



Soulshine of Valhalla

ee,CRcr, D/nd2, RNrn

“Soulshine” 13.2 was a keeper from Ella and Rolls Royce Merlin, an imported from France Blue Roan Stallion.  Granddaughter of SD Flash Harry, Great Grand of The Lion King, and Coates breeding from the Dam side. She is loaded with bone and hair, and is maturing into a thick and proper cob. 






Valhalla Ranch Kings Frosty Morning Doll

EE, Aa, CRcr,TT

“Frosti” is a special filly, we have held back as a keeper from EMR Sasha and Hershey’s Sandstone of Valhalla. She brings Lion King and Babydoll breeding with a pop of color and Falcon, The Pratt Stallion from the sire side. She is uniquely marked, and just as sweet as she is beautiful. 


SD Fame and Fortune

SD Fame and Fortune comes to us from SD Farms in the UK. Bred and sold to us by the Down family, she is surely not one to disappoint. Currently a yearling, we look forward to watching this fantastic addition to our program grow into one of the most stunning mares here in the US. She is a larger mare, with great bone and loads of feather.  Daughter of SD Santander out of SD Streetfighter and SD DD’s Girl, she carries SD Jim, Wooly Mammoth, and SD Tornado. She is nothing short of spectacular, and we appreciate the Down Family for hand picking this girl special for our program. 



Golden Oak’s Drop a House On It

Ee, RNrn, W20/n

Dorthy is superbly bred with greats such as SD My Way, SD Simply The Best, Wooly Mammoth, SD Tornado, SD Dixies Dancer, SD Maggies Magic, SD Flash Harry, The Midget, The Sweeper, Sampson of Wales, Sovereign, SD Heavy D, SD Streetfighter, SD Downs Dolly, SD Chief, SD Misty, SD Red Roan Mare and sired by Golden Oaks Drop of Jupiter. With back breeding lie this, she is going to take this world by storm no doubt. With quality and Color she is taking roan to a new level.

At Valhalla Ranch, we raise and train Quality Gypsy Cobs and gypsy crosses. Our horses are suited for riding, driving, play days, fun local and breed shows, and you will see us using them around the ranch to doctor cattle and start colts. We offer sales and training, as well as baby bootcamp for young horses and new owners, and horsemanship coaching. We strive to make the best match possible for both horse and human. If you have always dreamed of a Gypsy, reach out today to see how we can help make your gypsy dreams come true. Payments can be arranged on some babies and horses in training via private treaty.