We are a family who lives and breathes the western lifestyle, and ranch life. Matt Littrell is a Marine veteran, and second generation full time professional farrier. Kristen Littrell is a horsewoman, instructor, equine bodyworker and photographer. Together with our two children, we raise and train quality cobs and ranch horses. We enjoy not only breeding, but raising and training our stock, utilizing them in ranch work, and truly making quality horses. From time to time, we will offer foals, or trained horses to the public. You can find these listed in our Available Horses tab, and if you are looking for something specific not listed reach out to us, there’s a good chance we can help!

Why MK Horsemanship? What is MK Horsemanship?

Several years ago, following a coast to coast horseback ride from Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, to Camp Pendleton in California, in 2014 Matt and Kristen founded MKHorsemanship, a horse centered approach to improving communication between horse and human, in a language that the horse can understand. Through their experience in Matt being a farrier, Kristen being and equine bodyworker, and both being horsemen and women, MKHorsemanship came to fruition. Kristen acquired her first Gypsy in 2012, and the program has utilized gypsy horses since its inception. MKHorsemanship has offered training to the public in the form of lessons, clinics, a show team, and training outside horses.  We also founded Valhalla Ranch Veterans Camp 501c3, devoted to giving our military veterans a place where they could come to be with likeminded veterans, experience the beauty of the Bijou Basin, and unwind in the ranch lifestyle and horsemanship program. We still offer these services on case by case basis and enjoy working with the public and their horses. As we focus more internally on raising our family and improving upon the breed, we are dedicated to our breeding and training program, making quality horses. We offer some of these as weanlings as well as trained horses that have been through our training program and will make excellent horses in their future homes. You can read more about these as you visit our available horses page, read about our ladies and our stallions. 


First you go with the horse, then the horse goes with you, then you go together.